Domestically grown Hemp Foods.


In 1942, as WWII raged in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the USDA received instructions from the US Department of Defense that our naval fleets needed hemp to carry out their missions. Due to industrial gerrymandering years earlier, hemp was caught up in the dragnet that eradicated all strain of Cannabis in the US. Faced with the task of bringing this essential resource back into the rotation the USDA produced a film recruiting farmers to grow for the war effort. They called this film; Hemp for Victory.


Today, we have information that allows us to optimize our diets for health, and personal performance. As a result, the demand for Hemp Foods is on the rise, as it’s nutritional profile becomes more widely embraced.


While the Navy may not need hemp fiber for ropes anymore, this plant has the power to combat climate change, provide diverse income for rural farmers, and nourish our health.


The battle grounds have changed but again we grow for Victory!



Victory Hemp Foods provides nutritious, delicious, sustainable hemp grain in the form of organic oil, protein powder, flour, and de-hulled seeds to health conscious consumers nationwide.


We are an American company with headquarters in northern Kentucky, a place that’s the heart and soul of agriculture in our country, and until recently, long-known for producing tobacco. Unfortunately for American farmers, hemp, which is an ideal replacement for tobacco, is still a highly regulated crop, and as a result, we subsidize the US grown hemp that we are able to harvest with foreign grown hemp in order to consistently and reliably meet growing demand.


While Congress is making progress to enact new legislation that will remove the barriers hamstringing farmers and our domestic economy from fully utilizing this incredible plant, we’re working with our neighbors to return our land to a thriving agrarian community with hemp at the helm.


We stand in the middle of ground zero where the fight for farmers freedom from corporate agribusiness rages on while endless acres of land are being contracted for the growth of GMO crops laden with the chemicals that we know cause pain and suffering to our bodies and our land.


Our roots are in the soil and our eyes are fixed on the horizon that welcomes a new day where farmers in our community can return to the soil and make a healthy living without compromising their land or poisoning their environment with modern chemicals. Hemp can light the way.


We are changing the way people live and work by harnessing the free market and using its power to restore our farmlands and those communities. And we’re passionate about doing so. While we are a “food” company, at our core, we care most about being an industry leader that is positively impacting the environment and our community at-large. It’s our privilege to provide these healthy, safe and sustainable foods.


Aligned with our customers, we are committed to making a change where positive impact from U.S. based businesses is needed and can make a substantial difference.


The day we win is the day we tell a new story about how 100% of our hemp foods are grown in and processed on US soil.


How can we support U.S. based farmers? Legislation is alive and running in Congress that would change the laws that hinder domestic farmers; removing barriers which hamper the domestic hemp industry and our economy from fully utilizing this incredible plant to reach its potential.


You can read more about Legislation action and implications here.


Or visit Vote Hemp to take part in the action;