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Flavorful Hemp Ingredients


The New Flavor Opportunity. 

Have you tried hemp beer? Adding our shelled hemp seeds (hearts), whole roasted hemp seeds, or Hemp Protein50, hemp opens new flavor dimensions for craft brewers. And now some cider makers and distillers are crafting hemp-flavored offerings. Whether added to an IPA, pilsner, lager, ale or darker beer — hemp brings opportunities to craft a new range of flavor experiences with an on-trend ingredient. 

Brewers and now distillers across the U.S. are deploying hemp’s different formats, which to quote one brewer, have “as many aroma outcomes as hops” to create exciting new combinations of flavors.

Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds, often called Hearts, are the germ of the hemp seed.

Uses: For brewers adding shelled hemp seeds (hearts), the 42-45% fat level will tend to soften the head on your beer while contributing a mildly nutty flavor and a bit of fattiness. Distillers are trying out shelled hemp seeds in gin. Hemp seeds offer a long list of opportunities for creativity.

Flavor: Mild, nutty flavor that might best be described as a cross between a pine nut and a sesame seed.

Visual: White with green flecks.

Nutrition: We know we don’t seek out nutrition in our adult beverages, but hey, it can’t hurt to include healthy ingredients, right? Shelled Hemp Seeds deliver 30-35% complete protein, 42-45% fat (almost all healthy polyunsaturated), have near-zero carbs or sugars – and B vitamins, iron, magnesium at 20-45% of RDA in a single ounce!


Roasted Hemp Seeds

The Whole Hemp Seed, including the shell, carefully roasted to peak crunch!

Uses: Characteristic hemp flavor with mild, roasted nut notes and including the heart, whose fat tends to soften beer head.

Flavor: A small but satisfying crunch and nutty flavor.

Visual: The 2-4mm green hemp seed.

Nutrition: Approximately 25% polyunsaturated fat, 25% protein, near-zero carbs or sugars –and 20% of RDA of iron per ounce.  


Hemp Protein50

The hemp seed press cake from the oil pressing process, ground and sifted to reach varying protein and fiber levels.

Uses: Hemp Protein offers an untapped opportunity in hemp beer. With only 9-11% fat, you get all the hemp flavor without softening the beer head. Hemp Protein will deliver a depth of earthy nutty notes.

Flavor: Earthy, nutty.

Visual: Green, flour.

Nutrition: 50%, 33% or 23% plant protein complete with required amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. 40% of RDA for iron and magnesium in one ounce.


Victory Hemp Shells used for Skin Care

Hemp Shells

The outer shell without the heart. 

Uses: Hemp Seed Shells are available ground and classified to various sizes to meet your specifications. They deliver a different slice of hemp seed flavor than whole seeds or hearts, and with less protein and fat, will interact differently with your recipe and lead to a different product.

Flavor: Earthy, nutty.

Visual: Medium green-brown. Empty shells as large as half shells, 2-4mm. Brittle and coarse, from fine sifted to 4mm particles.

Nutrition: High in magnesium, iron and other minerals, comprised primarily of soluble and insoluble fibers.



The Hemp Seed is a nutrient-dense power pack – find out more about the nutrition of each of our ingredients.


Victory sources and processes our ingredients to ensure quality, transparency and function.

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