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Functional Hemp Ingredients


Hemp Takes Plant-Based Foods to a New Level. 

Ingredients from the amazing hemp seed – hemp seed oil, hemp heart concentrate, hearts, roasted seeds or hulls – improve on applications historically served by soybean, peas, almonds, sesame seeds, pine nuts and flax. From oil smoke point to bind capacity to allergen status to texture, in many applications, hemp best gets your job done. Victory Hemp offers multiple formats to match your application needs and can further customize.

So whether you’re making a plant-based beverage, meat or dairy analogue or baked good, Victory Hemp’s hemp ingredients help you win. 

Victory Hemp Protein Isolate Plant Based Food

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V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein

V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein is our ground-breaking, neutrally flavored hemp protein.

Uses: V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein makes hemp an appropriate protein for a wide set of uses for the first time. V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein has high water binding capacity; it is not fully water soluble but emulsifies well.

Flavor: Clean, neutral flavor – no need for expensive masking agents.

Visual: White.

Nutrition: 70% protein complete with all 9 essential amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. At least 25% of RDA for iron, magnesium and zinc per ounce.

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V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil

V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil comes from pressing always non-GMO, U.S. grown hemp seed hearts.

Uses: Food manufacturers use V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil anywhere they want the nutritional advantages of hemp seed oil but want a light color and flavor.

Flavor: Lightly nutty, similar to pine nuts.

Visual: Light, straw-colored oil.

Nutrition: 75% polyunsaturated fats, with only 11% saturated fats. 17% Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 6: Omega 3 fatty acid ratio of 3:1 matches the ideal ratio for humans.

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Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds, often called Hearts, are the germ of the hemp seed.

Uses: Food manufacturers use shelled hemp seeds (hearts) in granolas, nutrition bars, snacks, pesto and directly processed to make hemp milk. Use hemp hearts just about anywhere you’d use a sesame seed, pine nut, or any other nut or seed.

Flavor: Mild, nutty flavor that might best be described as a cross between a pine nut and a sesame seed.

Visual: White with green flecks.

Nutrition: 42-45% fat, 30-35% complete protein (50% more than almonds, ounce-for-ounce), have near-zero carbs or sugars – and B vitamins, iron, magnesium and copper at 20-45% of RDA in an ounce!


Roasted Hemp Seeds

The Whole Hemp Seed, including the shell, carefully roasted to peak crunch!

Roasted whole hemp seeds are used by manufacturers in granolas, nutrition bars, snacks, beer and distilled beverages – so far. We think Roasted Hemp Seeds are the sleeper of hemp — an untapped creative opportunity!

Flavor: A small but satisfying crunch and nuttier flavor than raw makes them a unique ingredient that fits well with many foods.

Visual: The 2-4mm green hemp seed.

Nutrition: Approximately 25% polyunsaturated fat, 25% protein, near-zero carbs or sugars –and 20% of RDA of iron per ounce.  


Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Culinary oil mechanically pressed from the whole, raw seed.

Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil fits anywhere you use extra virgin olive oil or want to boost your Omega 3’s: dressings, pesto, smoothies. And the smoke point is just 20 degrees F lower than EVOO. Pressed at below 130F and retaining all of its vitamins and minerals, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil brings both flavor and exceptional nutrition.

Flavor: Earthy, grassy.

Visual: Translucent, deep green to yellow-green depending on viewing.

Nutrition: High in polyunsaturated fats including Alpha linoleic acid and Stearic acid, with an ideal Omega 6:3 ratio of 3:1.


Hemp Protein 50

The hemp seed press cake from the oil pressing process, ground and sifted to reach varying protein and fiber levels.

Use Hemp Protein at 23%, 33% or 50% protein anywhere you would use a protein powder or superfood flour: smoothies, baking (tortillas, cornbread, pancakes, brownies), pasta, and pesto.

Flavor: Earthy, nutty.

Visual: Green, flour.

Nutrition: 50%, 33% or 23% plant protein complete with required amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. 40% of RDA for iron and magnesium in one ounce.



The Hemp Seed is a nutrient-dense power pack – find out more about the nutrition of each of our ingredients.


Victory sources and processes our ingredients to ensure quality, transparency and function.

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