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"We love working with Victory Hemp! We utilize their hemp seed oil in our products and love that it is American grown."

-Colin and Erin Nohl, Co-Founders, Vermont Farmacy

"...significant sensory and formulation advantages vs. pea protein."

-Head Formulator at Leading Meat Analogue Brand

"Adding roasted hemp seeds to the grain bill imparts a nutty aroma in our amber recipes and the heart seems to add a bit of body in the mouth feel."

-Rock House Brewing, Lexington, KY

"Our customers like the idea of added protein in what has always been seen as the ultimate morning carb load."

-Nancy's Bagel, Louisville, KY

Victory Hemp Foods makes American grown hemp ingredients for manufacturers and brands creating great tasting, highly nutritious plant-based foods that their customers rave about. With superfood hemp from American farmers, our aim is to make every bite a Victory.

252 W Jay Louden Road | Carrollton, KY 41008

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