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By way of Subtitle F – Sec. 7606 of the 2014 Agriculture Act approved by both the Houses of Congress and the President on February 7th, 2014 Federal Legislation allows for growing hemp in States that have legislation that provides for a State managed “Research Program” through the Department of Agriculture or a University;

  1. AGRICULTURAL PILOT PROGRAM.- The term “agricultural pilot program” means a pilot program to study the growth, cultivation, or marketing of industrial hemp –
    1. in States that permit the growth or cultivation of industrial hemp under the laws of the State; and
    2. in a manner that –
      1. ensures that only institutions of higher education and State departments of agriculture are used to grow or cultivate industrial hemp;
      2. requires that sites used for growing or cultivating industrial hemp in a State be certified by, and registered with, the State department of agriculture; and
  • authorizes State departments of agriculture to promulgate regulations to carry out the pilot program in the States in accordance with the purposes of this section.[1]

To determine if your state currently has regulations providing for Hemp cultivation please visit the Vote Hemp website for the most up to date information on Legislative action.

Our Relationship with Farmers

We are driven by a mission to be one positive part of restoring environmental and economic balance to our farmland, our food system, and the health of our nation. We work with non-profits groups like Growing Warriors trying to implement market agreements where producers and processors walk this potential commodity crop into the agricultural mix cautiously.

We are working to write the tenants that will be used as guidelines to govern mutual success from sowing the seed to satisfying hunger;

  1. Work within a group where farmers have an economic base and a way to enjoy the benefits of land ownership, thus helping fulfill Jefferson’s ideal of a nation of independent, self-sufficient small farmers.
  2. Lift farming communities out of a boom bust economy
  3. Create diversity in the agricultural community
  4. Protect farmers from over-production and encourage and facilitate diverse farming in order to serve small and large farmers equally. Give farmer’s alternative non-GMO commodity crops to cultivate.
  5. Lift and then stabilize the rural economy.
  6. Provide fair trade pricing to rural farms for organic hemp seed by processing hemp into a food commodity that unlocks the market potential for hemp, the land that produces it, and the farmers that grow it.
  7. Expand the North American hemp food market by creating awareness of the nutritional benefits of hemp through media exposure and public education.
  8. Produce the safest & most nutritious hemp food products possible. Secure our market position and set the bar for success by becoming the best-selling, most recognizable brand on food retailer shelves across North America.
  9. Help shape policy for our industry by being a part of the dialogue with local, state, and federal government to sustain success for all stakeholders in the value chain from farmers, to manufactures, to consumers.

Farming Hemp

There are many great books in circulation as well as articles online that detail production techniques as well as the potential markets for hemp.

Victory Hemp Foods contracts farmers to produce hemp grain for our production facility. Receiving a contract guarantees purchases according to the requirements in the contract.

If you are interested in growing industrial hemp we want to talk with you. As our Company grows we need more farmers and acreage to help us keep pace with market demand.


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