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Grain and Oilseed Growers:
Growing hemp could help you improve your bottom line.

Hemp Slots Right In

If you grow grains or oilseeds, hemp for seed will fit right into your soil preparation, planting and harvesting plans.  Hemp seed requires some additional and timely care at harvest time to ensure quality during storage, but it isn’t prohibitive.

Hemp Diversifies

Hemp for seed is a new commodity that operates in a market still largely distinct from the major crops. As a result, if offers a diversity of markets and so additional financial safety.

Hemp is New

Hemp has a lot to offer farmers, but we don’t want to over-hype it.  Hemp is new for most farmers and doesn’t yet have crop insurance (although the process to start that is underway).  We suggest you give it a try and grow your acreage as your confidence grows and situation allows).

We're Here to Help

Victory Hemp Foods has been buying hemp from U.S. farmers and learning from hands-on researchers for several years. We specify seed genetics, can sell you seed and provide growing recommendations and detailed purchase contracts.  We’re here to encourage your success with hemp.


The Hemp Seed is a nutrient-dense power pack – find out more about the nutrition of each of our ingredients.


Victory sources and processes our ingredients to ensure quality, transparency and function.

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