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Growing Hemp


Hemp brings significant advantages as a row crop for American farmers.

Hemp for seeds is relatively easy to grow (but requiring some extra TLC when harvesting and storing), healthy for the soil and good for the farm as a business, hemp grown for seeds is earning its place on American farms.

Hemp is


Hemp is an easy-to-add Field Crop

Farmers prepare the soil for and plant hemp as they do other grains and oil seeds.  They then harvest it with a slightly modified combine and clean, dry & store the whole hemp seeds.

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Hemp Improves Crop Rotations

Hemp, because it is so different from current crops, breaks pest life cycles, and may attract a different set of pests (although we haven’t seen any do economic damage here in North America so far).

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Hemp is Non-GMO

There haven’t been any GMO hemp varieties developed.  So – as hemp replaces conventional soybeans, which are almost entirely GMO, the number of acres planted to GMO crops drops.

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Hemp is a Durable Crop

With a good head start against weeds at the start of the season, hemp will quickly crowd out and shade weeds.  Hemp grows well in quite dry conditions.  Hemp for seed doesn’t require irrigation in all but the driest climates.  Almonds depend on a specific, dry climate and so irrigation to produce commercially. It is often said that each almond requires a gallon of water to produce.

Hemp is

+ Income

Hemp Diversifies

Hemp seeds are a new market and don’t follow the cycles of corn or soy – and so offer farmers an opportunity to diversify their revenue and so reduce risk of poor crop prices.


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