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Our Approach


Benefit from Each Bite

Founder Chad Rosen created Victory Hemp Foods to bring the benefits of hemp to American tables and American land.

In 2014, with the passage of the Farm Bill re-legitimizing industrial hemp production, he moved to Kentucky, once America’s hemp heartland. He began work to grow the supply chain for hemp seed in the U.S. and Victory Hemp Foods was born in 2016.

At Victory, we see hemp powering a new generation of tasty, plant-based foods that are good for us and our planet. Victory specializes in hemp concentrates and isolates that offer manufacturers compelling taste and performance advantages. This enables food companies to create better foods and as a result unlock the value of the hemp seed for all of us. Here’s our approach:

Grow Hemp


Hemp provides American farmers with a new, financially sustaining crop.  And it uses fewer pesticides than wheat, soybeans or corn. At Victory, hemp is grown in the USA.

Buy Directly

from Farmers

We want to know where our hemp comes from. So we buy hemp seeds directly from farmers or small groups of farmers. We can trace every batch from farm to sale and expect that our customers will want it this way.


Compelling Ingredients

People want to eat healthier and with less impact on our planet — but they don’t want to sacrifice the yum. Victory’s hemp ingredients bridge that gap. So, instead of healthier products that customers tolerate, brands can create products their customers rave about.

Find Brands

That Get it

Today’s best brands know that delicious, healthy and low-impact foods are the holy grail. We partner with you to determine how hemp ingredients solve your specific formulation equation. So you can focus on developing the most thrill-per-bite creations.


The World

Along with our customers, we will purchase 1 million acres of hemp seed by 2030 to make hemp a robust part of American agriculture. That will be a Victory for all of us.

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