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Hemp Protein50


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Hemp Protein50 offers an untapped opportunity for flavor and nutrition across a wide range of uses. Up to 50%, complete plant-based protein, with only 9-11% fat, and a rich, nutty flavor, it is used across bakery, pet, brewing and other categories.

Flavor: Earthy, nutty.

Visual: Green, flour.

Processing Detail: The solids from pressing out the hemp seed oil, called press cake, contain the nutritious shell and heart. We grind and sift them to create protein 50, 33 or 23% protein flours (powders).

Nutrition in a Hemp Shell: 50% plant protein complete with all 9 essential amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. 40% of RDA for iron and magnesium in one ounce. 33% or 23% also available.

Uses: Food & Beverage Manufacturers, Craft Beverage & Distillers, PetRetailers, Foodservice

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions90 × 60 × 91 in

50lb, 5lb

Natural or Organic

Natural, Organic

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