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Shelled Hemp Seeds


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The Leading Supplier of American Grown Hemp Ingredients

Victory Hemp Foods creates highly functional, delicious and nutritious hemp seed ingredients for health focused manufacturers and brands worldwide. Our company serves the food and beverage, skincare and cosmetic, nutritional supplement, and animal nutrition industries. All of our products are Non-GMO Project verified, OK Kosher certified, and are available as USDA Certified Organic.

We are an American company with headquarters in northern Kentucky, a place that’s the heart and soul of agriculture in our country and a leading state in domestic hemp production. Our hemp is grown by family farms and we are committed to empowering communities by developing hemp seed as a significant and positive addition to American agriculture.

The Heart of the Process

“We literally put our hearts into every product,” says Chad Rosen, founder of Victory Hemp Foods, noting the careful process that results in a consistent product. Once farmers sell their clean, Non-GMO hemp seeds to Victory Hemp, the seeds are cleaned a second time to remove any remaining foreign material. From here, the seeds are either expeller pressed to make Cold  Pressed Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Protein 50, or mechanically de-hulled into Shelled Hemp Seeds (hemp hearts).

Commitment to Sustainability

The sustainability commitment starts with sustainable agricultural partners and a transparent supply chain approach that flows through our company’s eco-friendly extraction methods (solvent-free mechanical pressing). By manufacturing without the use of GMOs and harsh chemical solvents, and avoiding high temperatures at all stages of processing, Victory Hemp delivers products that are simple, healthy, and clean.

Shelled Hemp Seed Nutrition

Shelled Hemp Seeds contain 30-35% complete protein (50% more than almonds, ounce-for-ounce), 42-45% healthy fats, have near-zero carbs or sugars – and B vitamins, iron and magnesium at 20-45% of RDA – all in one ounce of Shelled Hemp Seeds!

Shelled Hemp Seed Applications

Food & Beverage

Shelled Hemp Seeds, also known as hemp hearts, are a nutritional and energy powerhouse, full of complete protein and healthy fats. Boost nutrition in breads, baked goods, granolas, cereals, nutrition bars, pestos, and even spreads like hummus. Use as a salad, smoothie or frozen dessert topper, or, soak and blend to create hemp milk! You can use Shelled Hemp Seeds anywhere you’d use a sesame seed, pine nut, or just about any other nut or seed.

Craft Brewing & Distilling

Hemp opens new flavor dimensions for craft brewers – and now some cider makers and distillers are featuring hemp-flavored offerings. Shelled Hemp Seeds have a more mild but fully “hemp” flavor, adding body and density. Whether added to an IPA, pilsner, lager, another ale or dark beer – hemp brings new opportunities for creativity and presenting new and excellent flavor experiences.

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