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Top Quality, U.S. Grown Hemp


Top Quality Hemp Seed Foods, 100% U.S. Grown. 

Retailers and entrepreneurs – would you like to put on-trend hemp foods under your private label brand? Hemp is an ideal item to include in a healthy foods private label line. And you can deliver extra value to your customers with our 100% American-grown hemp. Let’s discuss.

Hemp Heart Protein

V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein

V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein is our ground-breaking, neutrally flavored hemp protein.

Uses: V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein makes hemp an appropriate protein for a wide set of uses for the first time. V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein has high water binding capacity; it is not fully water soluble but emulsifies well. Whether private labeled alone as a protein powder or used as an ingredient in a product recipe, V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein will put you on the cutting edge of plant-based protein.

Flavor: Clean, neutral flavor – no need for expensive masking agents.

Visual: White.

Nutrition: 70% protein complete with all 9 essential amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. At least 25% of RDA for iron, magnesium and zinc per ounce.



V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil

V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil comes from pressing always non-GMO, U.S. grown hemp seed hearts.

Uses: V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil’s light flavor and color can provide a unique offering to your private label program. Your customers can use it for culinary, skin care and in any other uses for which they want the nutritional advantages of hemp seed oil but prefer a light color and flavor.

Flavor: Lightly nutty, similar to pine nuts.

Visual: Light yellow to yellow.

Nutrition: 75% polyunsaturated fats, with only 11% saturated fats.  17% Omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega 6: Omega 3 fatty acid ratio of 3:1 matches the ideal ratio for humans.


Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds, often called Hearts, are the germ of the hemp seed.

Uses: Families use shelled hemp seeds (hearts) just about anywhere they use an almond, sesame seed, pine nut, or just about any other nut or seed.

Flavor: Mild, nutty flavor that might best be described as a cross between a pine nut and a sesame seed.

Visual: Shelled Hemp Seeds are typically white with green flecks – and we’re also offering them at 99.5% all white – just ask us about our All-White Hemp Shelled Seeds.

Nutrition:  30-35% complete protein (50% more than almonds, ounce-for-ounce), 42-45% fat (almost all healthy polyunsaturated), have near-zero carbs or sugars – and B vitamins, iron, magnesium at 20-45% of RDA in a single ounce!


Roasted Hemp Seeds

The Whole Hemp Seed, including the shell, carefully roasted to peak crunch!

Uses: Roasted Hemp Seeds deliver a hit of crunch and nutrition, straight from the bag or mixed with other nuts and seeds! Great opportunities to salt and flavor them as you would other nuts & seeds. Roasted Hemp Seeds are the whole thing, including the shell.

Flavor: A small but satisfying crunch and nutty flavor.

Visual: The 2-4mm green hemp seed.

Nutrition: Approximately 25% polyunsaturated fat, 25% protein, near-zero carbs or sugars –and 20% of RDA of iron per ounce.  


Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Culinary oil mechanically pressed from the whole, raw seed below 130F.

Uses: Healthy at-home chefs use our cold pressed hemp seed oil anywhere you use extra virgin olive oil or want to boost your Omega-3’s: dressings, pesto, smoothies. With a smoke point just 20 degrees F lower than EVOO, they can handle a bit of heat and still deliver their healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Flavor: Earthy, grassy.

Visual: Translucent, deep green to yellow-green depending on viewing.

Nutrition: Per 15g (tablespoon), 10g polyunsaturated fat to <1g saturated fat. High in Alpha linoleic acid and Stearic polyunsaturated fatty acids, with an ideal Omega-6:3 ratio of 3:1.


Hemp Protein 50

The hemp seed press cake from the oil pressing process, ground and sifted.

Uses: Home uses for protein powder span delivering protein and minerals into smoothies to boosting baked goods by substituting in 5% to 35% of the flour.

Flavor: Earthy, nutty.

Visual: Green, flour.

Nutrition: 50% plant protein complete with required amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. 40% of RDA for iron and magnesium in one ounce. Possibly the best nutrition per scoop for your smoothie!



The Hemp Seed is a nutrient-dense power pack – find out more about the nutrition of each of our ingredients.


Victory sources and processes our ingredients to ensure quality, transparency and function.

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