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Roasted Hemp Seeds

Victory Hemp Foods Shelled Hemp Seeds Nutrition Information

Roasted Hemp Seeds

The Whole Hemp Seed, including the shell, carefully roasted to peak crunch!

Roasted whole hemp seeds add flavor, crunch & dense nutrition to granolas, nutrition bars, snacks, beer and distilled beverages, and plant-based meals. We think Roasted Hemp Seeds are the sleeper of hemp — an untapped creative opportunity!

Flavor: A small but satisfying crunch and nutty flavor makes roasted hemp seeds a unique ingredient that fits well with many foods – or as a standalone snack. 

Visual: The 2-4mm green-brown hemp seed.

Processing Detail: We simply clean ‘em and roast ‘em – carefully. We roast our hemp seeds so they have just the right crunch, not too chewy and not too brittle, before cooling and then packaging.

Nutrition in a Hemp Shell: Roasted Hemp Seeds contain approximately 25% protein, 25% polyunsaturated fat, soluble and insoluble fiber (we need both) and have near-zero carbs or sugars –and 20% of RDA of iron per ounce.

Uses: Food & Beverage ManufacturersCraft Beverage & Distillers, Retailers, Foodservice



The Hemp Seed is a nutrient-dense power pack – find out more about the nutrition of each of our ingredients.


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