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Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds

Shelled Hemp Seeds, often called Hearts, are the germ of the hemp seed.

Shelled Hemp Seeds, or Hearts, are a nutritional and energy powerhouse, full of complete protein and healthy fats.  From granolas and cereals to bars and hemp milk, you can use hemp hearts anywhere you’d use a sesame seed, pine nut, or just about any other nut or seed.

Flavor: Mild, nutty flavor and might best be described as a cross between a pine nut and a sesame seed.

Visual: White with green flecks.

Processing Detail: Crack the hull (shell) of the whole hemp seed and sort away the hulls – voila, a hemp heart is born.

Nutrition in a Hemp Shell: Shelled Hemp Seeds contain 30-35% complete protein (50% more than almonds, ounce-for-ounce), 42-45% healthy fats, have near-zero carbs or sugars – and B vitamins, iron and magnesium at 20-45% of RDA – all in one ounce of Shelled Hemp Seeds!

Uses: Food & Beverage Manufacturers, Craft Beverage & Distillers, Retailers, Foodservice




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