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V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein

V-70 Hemp Protein Nutrition Information

V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein

V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein is our ground-breaking, neutrally flavored hemp protein.

V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein makes hemp an appropriate protein for a wide set of uses for the first time. V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein has high water binding capacity; it is not fully water soluble but emulsifies well. V70™ Hemp Heart Protein concentrates the protein of the hemp heart into a sensory and nutrition winner. From dairy and meat analogs to nutrition drink powders, use this hemp protein to deliver complete plant-based protein with uniquely functional flavor, nutrition and other critical characteristics.

Flavor: Clean, neutral flavor – no need for expensive masking agents.

Visual: White.

Nutrition in a Hemp Shell: 70% protein complete with all 9 essential amino acids; high in Edestin, the primary protein in egg whites & easily digestible. 12% fat, high in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. At least 25% of RDA for iron, magnesium and zinc per ounce.

Uses: Food & Beverage ManufacturersRetailers

Availability: Summer 2020. Now accepting pre-orders, please inquire below.



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